Vacuum furnace heating and heat preservation material selection

2023/3/8 13:20:56

The equipment can choose different heating elements and heat insulation layers according to different operating temperatures. The commonly used heating element materials are heat-resistant steel(Cr20Ni80), high-purity graphite, molybdenum and alloys,etc.The temperature range is as follows. In addition to the selection of the above materials, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the energy consumption and stability under long-term use.

工作温度                 Operation Temperature

加热元件选择                     Heating Element Selection

隔热层选择Insulation Layer Selection


800and below

高温镍铬合金                  High temperature nickel-chromium alloy

不锈钢Stainless steel


高温镍铬合金Cr20Ni80        High temperature nickel-chromium alloy

耐热钢+不锈钢  Heat resistant steel + stainless steel

耐热钢+石墨毡 Heat resistant steel + graphite felt


金属钼或耐热钢            Molybdenum metal or heat resistant steel

金属钼+不锈钢 Molybdenum metal + stainless steel

金属钼+石墨毡  Molybdenum metal + graphite felt


钼镧合金          Molybdenum-lanthanum alloy

钼镧合金+不锈钢                   Molybdenum-lanthanum alloy+ stainless steel

高纯石墨 High purity graphite

石墨软毡+石墨硬毡 Graphite soft felt + Graphite hard felt


钼镧合金Molybdenum-lanthanum alloy

钼镧合金+不锈钢                           Molybdenum-lanthanum alloy +  stainless steel

等静压石墨 Isostatic pressed graphite

石墨软毡+石墨硬毡 Graphite soft felt + Graphite hard felt

钨合金Tungsten alloy

钨合金+钼镧合金+不锈钢 Tungsten alloy + Molybdenum-lanthanum alloy +stainless steel


等静压石墨Isostatic pressed graphite

石墨软毡+石墨硬毡Graphite soft felt + Graphite hard felt


+钼镧合金+不锈钢Tantalum+Molybdenum-lanthanum alloy+Stainless steel


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